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Euphoria Productions was founded in 2013 with the purpose of producing innovative, high-quality content aimed specifically at the international market. Created by Lluís Quílez and Ester Velasco, both ex students of ESCAC, where they met and started their work together since more than a decade. Currently they are teachers of this film school as well.

Euphoria was born with the goal of producing feature films. Graffiti, its first project, demonstrate the capacity to finance ambitious projects, made at the highest artistic and technical level offered by the professionals formed in Catalunya. It also has the clear purpose of exploring new territories, telling original and universal stories that look for the complicity of the global audience and also invite to reflection.

The philosophy of Euphoria is also to follow up the work of the young talented Spanish filmmakers and to produce their short films, music videos or cultural documentaries.

In addition to creative output, Euphoria provides production services (commercials, feature films, music videos) to foreign companies interested in filming in Spain. We count on a bilingual and experienced crew and suppliers to cover any need for any kind of shooting. We are based in Barcelona, a very well located Spanish city within easy reach of many different landscapes and locations.

At Euphoria Productions, we are dedicated to offering high-quality content at all levels, promoting the Spanish Film Industry, bridging joint international productions, and adapting to new production and audiovisual consumption trends as well as emerging business models.